Experience and Competence

Construction is a firm part of Land Union’s business segments. It is the foundation for its real estate development. The construction expands from simple renovations to complex turn key new builds under challenging conditions. We have gained tremendous experience using innovative materials and design approaches, not least in very specific constructions such as hotels and high rise buildings.

Land Union allows for confidence in the planning stage and can ensure cost reliability, quality and time efficiency. The close link to our Group’s planning and design team guarantees improved preparations and allows cost effective and pragmatic solutions which result in beneficial economic products.

What we offer our clients:

Personal Care
One-stop Shop

Our success in construction is not only due to meticulous planning and efficient handling of a project. It is also a result of our long established cooperation with professional sub-contractors and reliable suppliers. Our teams know the local markets and understand its unique nuances.


Responsible Building

Sustainability covers more than “Green Building” and more than commonly known aspects of resource savings. German regulations have traditionally been among the most demanding in the world when it comes to saving the environment and the industry has responded with continuously improving the options available to developers and contractors alike. Land Union Group applies the experience and possibilities in all its office locations and as a company with generations of history feels particularly responsible for the welfare of those who will come after us. 

Quality Comes First

Quality Comes First

Land Union embraces strict quality control measures that cover the following aspects:

• Named processes

• Comparability

• Transparent documentation

Next to quality control is the proper administration and utilisation of time. Both of which are essential to achieve a successful outcome. Land Union applies tried and tested instruments and mechanisms to:

• Define the time scale of a project; from the time an offer is made following through to the different elements affecting construction and completion

• Work out the complexity of a project which may influence time specification

• Assist the project management and project regulation

• Allow for flexibility in case of interruptions due to unforeseen elements

• Show the correlation between time schedule, payment plans and actual payments, and the resulting status of construction in relation to payments

Innovative Collaborations

Innovative Collaborations

Land Union brings to life innovative cooperation and alliances for the development of complex construction projects. This way, a higher degree of efficiency and security, with respect to costs and quality, are achieved, benefiting all partners involved.

Joint ventures combine all the pioneering possibilities of contract structuring with a modern management approach. Through early application of our experience and know-how, common goals are defined way before the start of construction. Possible improvements are outlined, and the usual conflicts between developer and contractor are avoided. In all our partnerships, we never aim to minimise or trivialise any of the participants; rather our goal is to maximise productivity in every unique collaboration.