Contacts Only Harm Those Who Have None

As with any company, it makes sense to have reliable partners to stay one step ahead of the competition. Land Union has a large number of reliable partners, service providers and companies with whom we have built a solid relationship over decades and who support us in our investments, developments and designs.

Our strategy is long term and we are often interested in new partners who share our philosophy. Because no other business can find the phrase "contacts hurt only those who do not have one" more relevant.


Become Our Partner

The Land Union Group provides the custom flexibility and quick decision-making needed to structure partnerships, as only an established, competent family business can. We have the financial means and capabilities to respond quickly to investment and development through a joint venture.

Land Union has a solid track record and impeccable credentials with private and institutional partners.

Talk to us if you have any investment or development for which you would like to consider us as a joint venture partner.

Flexible and Swift Decision Making
Innovative and Genuine Partner
Solid Relationship with Partners

We Do Not Aim for A Conflict of Interest

The Land Union sees no conflict of interest in forming partnerships. From experience we have seen that the strengths of both sides culminate in a mutually beneficial scenario. Costs are reduced, schedules are shortened and options that are not used as independent units are made possible.

What is common in more industrialised companies is rarely applied to real estate. Land Union is an innovative partner, knowing its strengths, recognising its limitations and appreciating the value of solid, true partnerships.

Our Partners