Long Term and Stable

Land Union's strategic decisions have always focused on long-term consistency and sustainability. For real estate investments, this means selecting the right macro and micro locations and objects. Due to their structure, these are not limited to future changes in the requirements of their tenants in order to achieve stable long-term returns and to maximise the liquidity of the assets. The group therefore concentrates exclusively on international economic centres and their top locations.

Sustainable Action

For a group - with a long-term vision and offices in five countries - it is important to understand and to track the underlying economic trends and perspectives in order to make the right decisions for the future. Land Union has a diversified portfolio and strives to broaden its opportunities to strike a balance between risk and reward. While the global trend of population and economic growth in the world's capitals remains intact, it is important to follow the political and demographic trends that are affecting economies in the longer term. For the assets, it is important that the adaptability is flexible. Markets and trends are changing. Not everything is predictable.