Why Property?

No other investment vehicle offers similar potential for long-term asset accumulation and diversification, such as real estate. Especially in times of currency uncertainty, high public debt and inflation, real estate offers the necessary protection to secure the assets. However, macro and micro location as well as structure are important. Land Union invests in prime locations in major cities and in properties with long-term lettings.

Real Estate Investment Services

Land Union selectively provides its expertise and local opportunities to partners who enjoy diversifying into real estate investments and benefit from the experience of a group with a strong local presence and proven track record. Land Union has a solid investment strategy and a continuous approach, and offers partners to participate in this journey.

From a global perspective, the focus is on dynamic capitals that are not vulnerable to demographic change and offer a stable political and legal system. The odds must be in a favorable relationship to the risk.

Advantages of real estate investments

- Stable, continuous return

- Protection against inflation

- Diversification

- Long-term continuity

- Capital formation and protection

Tips For Private Buyers

The focus should be on rental yield and liquidity. Buy only if you understand the market and are able to judge the rental and sales demand. Commercial real estate generally has a different risk profile in terms of leasing and selling and is of limited use to private buyers. Central, inner-city locations benefit from stronger demand than suburbs.

Make comparisons to judge the price. New buildings usually have better floor plans and lower overheads. Pay attention to necessary repairs to older buildings. If you feel insecure, seek professional advice. Check your tax situation before buying and check different options. Real estate usually attracts attractive tax opportunities.