Social Responsibility

Self-help and Support

We believe that education is the most efficient way to support future generations. Our collaboration with the Woodrose School enables us to do so without the usual losses that often occur in large non-profit organisations. We follow the principle "Give a man a fish and feed him for a day, teach him to fish, and feed him for a lifetime."

Community Event Sponsorship

Land Union Group does not define its role as passive and short-term financial investor but as highly engaged long-term operators with strong ties to the local communities it invests in. In the UK, the London Children's Ballet and the Royal College of Music are among the organisations that land Union Supports, with sponsorship of young talented but financial disadvantaged children who enjoy their education at these famous institutions. Please click the company logo below for more information.

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Together for A Better Future

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The Land Union is aware of its responsibility to the entire global community and in particular to the local communities in which it operates. Since founding a base in the Philippines, Land Union has become aware of economic inequality in the country. This is largely due to the lack of government spending on quality education and has led the Land Union to help local schools promote the education of needy but disadvantaged children. In 2011, the Land Union Scholarship Fund was established in collaboration with the PAREF Woodrose School for Girls. The fund bears the school fees of qualified girls to attend one of the best schools in Manila. In this way, one hopes for a better future for these clever but underprivileged girls.